Celebrate Mardi Gras with beer, beads and bacteria! Yes, bacteria.

You won't be worrying about how dirty the beads you are holding are because you probably will be mesmerized by awesome boobs. I heard the best babes are going to be partying with Scott Ronson at the Socorro Entertainment Center tomorrow, just saying.

Anyway, have you ever wondered where your beads were before you picked them up? According to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital pediatrician Dr.Chris Funes, beads contain "Germs, virus, flu virus, bacteria contamination, soil, mud, dirt, just all the usual stuff that you have worry about that comes with its own germs."

Just think of the little kids that put those beads in their mouth, or having those things around your neck! EW! Well if this doesn't freak you out, some compare these beads to being filthier than used anal beads.

As you celebrate this Fat Tuesday, remember to watch out for drunks and bacteria. The best thing to do is to throw them and not keep them. Give them to all the boobs you can!

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