Norris Sydnor III needs clean fingers to count all the money he’s hoping to collect.

The Mitchellville, Maryland man is suing a nail salon for $200,000, claiming discrimination because it charges men $1 more than women for a manicure.

After being told to fork over an extra 100 pennies for the manicure last December at Rich’s Nail Salon, Sydnor said, “I was angry. I was humiliated.” Gee, we thought that’s how he’d feel after his friends busted his chops for getting a manicure.

Sydnor’s case appears to have some merit. Earlier this week, a judge ordered an injunction barring the salon from charging men more than women for similar services.

The owner of Rich’s did not respond to inquiries about the matter. The case is slated to head to trial next month. Just enough time to find a better place to spruce up his nails.