You would think in a city known for being go-go-go 24-7-365 that it would be hard to find some alone-time outside of a hotel room in Las Vegas, day or night. Apparently, this is not true. At least not overnight at Vegas' McCarran International Airport.

A man named Richard Dunn found out first-hand that, while Las Vegas always leaves the lights on, it's airport becomes a ghost town. According to the Daily Mail, after taking Delta Airlines up on an offer of $900 in vouchers to skip his flight until the next morning, Dunn made the most of his time, shooting an amazing and hilarious lip-sync video to Vegas fave Celine Dion's "All By Myself".

Plenty of opportunity to mug for the camera with those flying Celine vocals, for sure.

But how did he create those incredible shots? Turns out McCarran never shuts down its people-movers and escalators, either! Kudos to Mr. Dunn for seeing a potential dolly in every moving thing. Kudos also to the ticket counter attendant who gave him a roll of luggage tape before they shut down for the night. Dunn used it to tape his iPhone to his computer bag and a wheelchair as camera mounts.

With a great imagination and some solid editing, Richard Dunn may have made the second-best movie about leaving Las Vegas.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.