For 20 mill!!  I wonder what my Mom would get for me?!?!

Seriously, I talked it over with her.  She says she's willing to let me go for ....... well, pretty much ALL bids will be considered. 

I'm house trained and fairly well behaved; but I am rather noisy!  You would also have to be all right with motorcycle and gun related madness as well as ALL kinds of visitors at all hours of the day and night.

I'm cool with chores, repairs, etc as well!  (Though sometimes there's a slight delay between my being notified of an issue and any actual action on the matter.  Just so you know...)

Those interested, please can call (915) 544 - 9550!!  Serious inquiries only!! 

(For what it's worth; I would prefer to be purchased by an insanely wealthy person who rarely .. if ever .. comes home, includes me in their will and may not have long to live!)

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