I've heard the animals in Australia are massive and crawl out of a hole directly from hell. This video from Hallett Cove, South Australia can back up the idea of these terrifying creatures that lurk in the homes of unsuspecting people.

Danny Ford recorded his battle with a momma wolf spider. Using his broom, Danny squashes the spider, releasing tons of tiny little spiders all over the floor. As much as I would probably freak out, I would feel bad about killing a momma spider with all her babies strapped to her back.

The poor things rushed out of their mom's squashed body and I believe tried to take revenge for their mother's death. Unfortunately, they were also stopped by the broom and were swept away.

These kinds of videos are what nightmares are made of. My brother and I tried to kill a mom spider once, we threw it in the street and sprayed it with bug killer. Worst idea ever, since the babies decided to scatter. I still can't look at a can of bug spray without reliving the fear!