This Sunday, September 29 is World Heart Day. That means you should make a promise to make a change for the better to keep your heart healthy. There are so many ways you can help keep your heart healthy. Some to name would be eating healthy, being active, manage stress, control your cholesterol, drink alcohol in moderation, and much more. But since this Sunday, September 29 My Heart, Your Heart Campaign would like you to participate.

You can be a heart hero by making a heart promise for World Heart Day. Cardiovascular disease is ranked as the world's number one killer today. You can spare yourself heart disease or a stroke by making a few small changes to your everyday life. Cardiovascular disease has a lot of risk factors and some conditions include hypertension and diabetes. If you want to keep on living it up then take that step to keeping your heart healthy. Make your promise on World Heart Day because every heartbeat matters.

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