'America's most patriotic rock band', Madison Rising performed at the Daytona International Speedway on Saturday and pissed off a some people. Drivers and fans were shaking their heads and laughing, as this band butchered the American national anthem.

Everyone has their opinion on how America's national anthem should be sung during sporting events. No one wants to hear a ten minute long performance or someone singing the wrong words, looking at you Christina Aguilera.

Well this might be one of the worst performances. It is starts off slow, then kicks it up to redneck! Not sure who booked these guys to perform for the Nationwide Series season opener but they probably regret that decision now.

Madison Rising wanted to make a rock song that people could enjoy and sing along to. Poor guys are now the laughing stock of social media but have brought enjoyment to many people's lives. Thank you guys for showing us what 'Merica is all about!