Well ... actually they're looking everywhere.  But why couldn't the new MH guy come from El Paso?

It could happen!!  Machine Head have lost their bassist of 20 years, Adam Duce.  Now they need a new one (temporarily) to pull off all their Mayhem tour dates.  Auditioning is pretty simple according to the bands facebook page!

Machine Head will begin the process of searching for a temporary bassist replacement for this summer’s Mayhem Festival in the U.S. Interested in trying out? For a limited time the band will accept and review YouTube submissions that include the following:

1) Video: A standalone performance of the songs listed below, just yourself, singing and playing bass along to the the tracks off the albums. **Camera phone is fine as long as it’s stable**

2) A brief 1- to 2-minute statement about your musical experience; playing, touring experience, etc.

Please upload your videos to YouTube and e-mail a link (or links) to MHBassAuditions@gmail.com that includes the following songs:

 1) This Is The End

2) Halo

3) Beautiful Mourning

Once the band has narrowed down potential candidates, they will hold tryouts in person at a to-be-determined location.

There you go Borderland Bassists, good luck!  We already have at least one famous El Chuco thumper, John Moyer of Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob.

Who's next??  Let me know which local bassist you think could pull this off below or on The Q facebook page!