One of El Paso's premiere local musicians is living the dream with Ministry.  Cesar Soto, guitarist for Gorilla Deathbox, Years Of Cold and a local entrepreneur, recently returned from an overseas tour with Ministry. He's home for a couple of weeks before the American leg of the tour begins which makes it's El Paso stop June 8th at Tricky Falls.

Cesar sent me a video, shot from backstage, of him tearing it up live. Due to crappy internet service in an Argentinian airport though, I didn't get it until recently.  When I asked Cesar how he got involved with Ministry, he credited an old friend:

I've been friends with (Ministry guitarist) Sin for a about 15 years and he asked me if I was interested in auditioning for the band and I said F**K YES!!!!!! Started sending video and audio back to him and found myself in Los Angeles February 1st, super bowl Sunday, and started rehearsing Monday. Rehearsed for 2 weeks and then started the tour. My 1st show with the band was Soundwave festival in Adelaide Australia. What can amazing experience. The band and crew are amazing to me and I owe it to Sin for remembering me.

I've known Sin for awhile myself and, he is a great guy.  He, frontman Al Jourgensen and bassist Tony Campos all have deep El Paso ties.  Congrats to Cesar, another local loco showing the world how El Chuco does it. Keep listening to Q Connected, Sunday nights at 10, for more updates on how Cesar and the tour are doing.