Disintegrator Films was created in 2012 by Chris Bohn when, while working with his own bands, he noticed that local acts couldn't really make quality videos.

Having both the necessary skills and equipment, Chris set out to make videos available and affordable to bands. Disintegrator was the first El Paso company to shoot a music video in the new 360° format and they do 3D as well. They have a ton of music videos to their credit and are currently documenting the reunion of El Paso's Pissing Razors.

Disintegrator not only makes quality video work available to bands, they do so with their budgets in mind. Their relationships with other local business owners, models and actors help them to produce incredibly striking images and content at the lowest possible cost.

Local locos helping each other, that's how the El Paso Music Scene rolls! Check out my favorite Disintegrator vid (guess why!) here and watch others on YouTube.