Another bunch of Local Locos, telling their own story ... in their own words!

Bending the genre lines a bit this time folks, meet The Counter Culture!

In the early 1960’s as information became more readily available a wave of enlightenment surged through a generation of visionaries and blossomed into beautiful art, music, and philosophy.

   Inspired by this era, psychedelic rap trio, The Counter Culture emerges with a generation enlightened in a time where life and death hangs in the balance both on a global and local level daily. Determined to triumph in dark times, reflected through personal experience, and on display in their music; The Counter Culture blends the artistic minds of Swag Johnson, Utopian Child, and  IcRustogether with the experienced innovative sounds of Stewart Villain to create a vibrant psychedelic vibe.

    Palm Beach, Florida’s Swag Johnson is exactly that; a modern smooth yet rough intelligence lurking in the shadows, reserving energy, and creating space.

   Each member complementing the other; the resonant unique perception of El Paso Texas native Utopian Child is not only displayed through the mind bending content of his lyrics but almost scarily reflected in his lifestyle and persona.

   Also native to El Paso; IrCrus weaves the vocals into place with one of the most soulful, heart wrenching, mind melting voices to have blessed this earth that is supported by creative, emotional content that reflects the life of a man who has flown to close the sun.

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