Driver License, School ID, Passport??   SOMETHING???????

I heard Buzz and the KLAQ Morning Show earlier today as they discussed having to show ID to vote.  I have only one question about this ......

What the f*** is wrong with that?!?! 

I've had to show my ID every time I've voted throughout my entire voting "career".  Since when is this an issue??

You need an ID for damn near everything else in life right? What is the big deal about proving your identity in this case?  You have to have/show your ID to buy beer, rent a car, drive, and set up pretty much any kind of account. (business or personal/bank or credit/utilities/etc...)

You have prove that you are you and not someone else that looks like you in certain situations plus you need ID to withdraw money and write checks.

(Yes, some people still write checks.  I know.  I ALWAYS wind up behind them in line.........geez.  Get a debit card already, would you??  My beers getting hot!!)

You also need proper ID to get welfare benefits so enough with the "some people can't afford an ID" argument.  Most of the people claiming "poverty" have a lone star card; that means they should have some sort of ID card also.

This is not as big an issue as people are making it out to be. 

It's common sense.

If you want to hold on to the current (read 'old and antiquated'') law that says .. I'm paraphrasing .. that you only need your voter registration to vote; then so be it.

(Current voter registration cards mind you have no photo and are ridiculously easy to forge and/or copy!!)

What if your candidate loses or a law or policy that you support fails because:

A)       A bunch of people voted multiple times to your 1 vote because no one ID'd them?

B)       A ton of people voted who are dead, locked up or otherwise "no longer here" because no one ID'd them?

C)       You didn't get to vote yourself because, when you got to the polls, records showed that you had already voted?   (Hmmmm ... guess no one ID'd you.)

It's been done before and, if people aren't obligated to prove that they are who they say they are; that just makes it easier to do it again. (On a potentially MUCH grander scale than in past instances!!)

I don't want to hear any bitching out of you "anti-IDers" when these things happen. 

Not one word.