That's part of my favorite line from "Airheads".

When a guy is asked who would win in a fight; Lemmy or God, the answer is "Trick question azzhole, Lemmy IS God!"  THAT'S how cool Lemmy Kilmister is!

He's been in several bands, roadied for Jimi Hendrix and is absolutely the coolest rock star ever.  I once got a drunken phone call from him at around 4 in the morning.  My bros The Cantina Flys were playing in Los Angeles.  While at The Whisky ... I think it was The Whisky ... they got to party with Lemmy.  Knowing I was a fan, they called me and put him on the phone!!  (The sad part of the story?  I have no idea what was said ... couldn't understand a freakin' word out of any of them.)

Anyway fellow Lemmy fans, I found a cool article on Lemmy online today.  Follow the link to check out Lemmys thoughts on learning to play bass, collecting nazi crap, getting arrested, being single and more!

If you think Motorhead alone are awesome, check out what happens when you add Slash and Dave Grohl to the mix!!