2014 may well be the year of the ganja!

Pro hemp folks won several key victories in 2013 with Colorado, Washington and Portland, Maine passing laws relaxing (if not eliminating) marijuana laws.  As 2014 approaches, other states are watching to see what the economic results of these new laws will be.  In short, they want to see how much revenue is generated and those figures could get every other state in the country on board!  According to an article at yahoo.com,

Colorado's Amendment 64 was expected to save $12 million a year for reduced criminal costs and generate $32 million in new revenue. Washington state says it can save $23 million a year on criminal costs, but thinks the business could deliver up to $530 million, a much higher number than the other states partly because it includes marijuana tourism estimates.



Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania are now considering new laws regarding the medicinal and personal use of marijuana.  The next most likely states to follow are Arizona, Alaska, California and Oregon.

Texas is still mulling it over and El Paso, where mota was first criminalized, has shown no signs of allowing any "legal" use.  If you want to see what you can do to try and bring that about, look into groups such as NORML.

They have branches working at the national, city and state levels.