Traffic near Downtown and West El Paso can be hectic especially during rush hour traffic. A couple of projects going on include the El Paso Streetcar Project, Go10 and the Border Expressway.

Before we get into lane shifting on Interstate 10. Check out some of the big closures happening with some of the other road construction projects.

The El Paso Streetcar Project is getting ready to install the physical tracks around the UTEP area. Beginning on Thursday, May 19, 2016, Stanton Street will be closed to thru traffic from Blacker Avenue to Cliff Drive.Lane reductions will remain in place on Schuster Avenue at Stanton Street until next week. Rim Road will remain open to east-west traffic at Stanton Street.

El Paso Streetcar via Facebook

The Border Expressway team has been working diligently on the new direct connectors near Paisano Drive and Loop 375.

Loop 375 and Border West Expressway Connectors
Border West Expressway Bridge Eastbound Near Downtown El Paso

Now the main project that will affect traffic on Interstate is Go 10. The left lane will be CLOSED on I-10 in both directions thru FRIDAY 5/20 between Buena Vista Bridge and Asarco Bridge from 9am-4pm.

The closure is needed while crews are repairing the damaged rail along the median of I-10 to prepare for more extensive work coming to that section of I-10. The Go 10 team is hard working on this project, it requires the shifting and re-striping of the existing lanes and the reduction of the inside shoulder.

The goal for the next 30 days: Allow the contractor to construct the new outside fourth lane with the least possible impact to traffic flow. Once complete, traffic would then be shifted to the new lanes while the inside lanes are re-constructed.

The highway on the right is the future I-10 and on the left is the future Border West Expressway
The image above shows traffic on the right merging onto the mainlanes of I-10 (shown in dark gray) from Executive Center Boulevard. The roadway to the far right is the future Border West Expressway.
the new westbound CD lanes begin to separate from the mainlanes (depicted in dark gray). On the left are the eastbound CD lanes.