Ever wonder how young musicians work with what they got? They can turn garbage into something we pay hundreds of dollars on. The young musicians all come from Cateura, Paraguay.  These musicians live in a Paraguayan slum and play instruments made entirely of garbage. The youth today of Cat are transforming it into beauty. There are 2500 families that live there and survive by separating garbage for recycling. The amazing part about this story is Cateura's youngest inhabitants are often the ones responsible for collecting and reselling the garbage. The orchestra's director and founder Favio Chavez stated that  "A violin is worth more than a house here."  A young man named Juan Manuel Chavez, who goes by Bebi, has made a cello out of an oil can and old cooking tools. Be sure to get amazed on how they can make something so great out of what we are to careless to keep.




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