Here in the El Paso area, we're used to long names.  Hawaii really takes it over the top though!

The Borderland is loaded with long names.  Aberquero, Arechavaleta, De La Fuente, Sepulveda, Villasenor, Villanueva ... you get the picture.

Couple that with long first names like Guillermo, Raimundo, Salvadore, Vicente, Hortencia and it gets even worse.  (I have friends who fill out forms that only take their last name and 3 - 4 letters of their first!)  Now, on top of all that, tack on the tradition of combining surnames we have around here.  Leticia Villasenor De La Cruz- Archuleta ... there's a mouthful.

Photo, Getty Images

We got nothing on Hawaiians though.  Hawaiian surnames include 'A'Amakualenalena, Hokuokalani, Kahokuokalani just to name a few.  One of my New England Patriots, Michael Hoomanawanuis' last name barely fits across the back of his jersey! (And it's not exactly a tiny jersey.)

This Hawaiian lady has a nombre and a half though!  (She even had to fight the state of Hawaii to change the laws regarding driver licenses so that her 36 character name would fit!)  Her name is Janice "Lokelani" Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele.  Go ahead ... try and pronounce it.  (You tried all the others.  Didn't you?)

What's the longest name you ever heard?  Comment below or on the Q facebook page! (I'm betting the Hawaiians or the "skyi's" (Gronkowski, Banaszewski, etc...) win this one.)