It's really not that hard for a man to fall for you, ladies, if you follow these easy steps!

It takes a little patience and some practice on your part to let a man know who much you really care for him!

1)Look good for your man!

This is not that hard at all! just apply a little make-up and splash on some perfume to look great for your man! Sexy lingereie never hurt, either!

Stop wearig your PJ's to Wal-Mart, too!! (This is not a turn-on!)

2) Be a great cook!
This one isn't difficult either! You don't have to be a world famous chef, just TRY to cook something without burning the crap out of it! Lots of practice for this one, but well worth it!
Occasionally, bring him a beer with his meal. (Clothing optional!)
3) Daily Kegels!
This is the one that does it all!!!
"It's not nice when it hangs low like sleeve of wizard!"
Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (also called your PC muscles). They can help with stress incontinence and some people say they help with ejaculatory control. They have also been recommended as a way of changing how sexual response, including orgasm, feels. Kegels are sometimes recommended by health care practitioners and if you are doing them as part of any sort of treatment you should consult with your health care practitioner (or with a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic rehabilitation) to make sure that you are doing the exercises in a way that helps and doesn't hurt!

Read more here and find out how to do them correctly!

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