We're down to about a week now!  Have you got your costume, vehicle, band, whatever together yet?

Wednesday October 31st, The Q take over the Album Park area for the 27th annual KLAQ Halloween Parade. Starts at 3:30 and ends (about an hour later) at Album Park!

There are cash prizes this year for the different categories and it costs nothing to enter!

High school and middle school bands, we're looking for you guys also!  (Can one of you learn a Metallica song for me this year?  Pantera maybe??)  For more info call 561-6343 or email chernandez@klaq.com!

Here are a few pics from last years Halloween Parade!  Maybe they'll give you some ideas!  Get started, you've only got about a week to spookify yourself, your ride ... your BIKE!! ... or your float!!