Exciting times are ahead for the KLAQ Morning Show. After a long search, we’ve finally found a new co-host to replace Lisa Sanchez.

Lisa, as you may recall, moved on to host her own show in afternoons, carrying on the rock torch for our dearly departed Q family member Scott Ronson.

The Q welcomes Stephanie (no-longer-the-Corporate-Computer-Babe) McMaster as the new full-time addition to the KLAQ Morning Show starting next week. The corporate guys finally found a way to make me post more, do more videos, tweeter more, get shapchatty, start the pariahscope, and all those other digital things by giving me the best co-host in the business. I love Stephanie’s wit, and it will be nice to have someone significantly smarter than Fernie in the studio with me. Plus, she can help me gang up on him when he says something stupid -- so that’ll be one of her daily chores right there.

When asked if she knew what she was really getting into, Stephanie said, "I fell in love with El Paso and its people the first time I came to nag Buzz about blogging on KLAQ.com four years ago. I'm so excited to leave the snow and cold of NYC behind and move to the land of great Mexican food, the beautiful Franklin Mountains and some of the best people I've ever met. I can't wait to join the show every morning and to nag Buzz about blogging full-time. See you soon, El Paso!"

Our boss, Kevin Vargas, said Stephanie "better be as funny on-air as she is online," referencing her being named one of the Funniest Women on Twitter by Someecards, listed among Playboy's 101 Funniest Tweets of All Timeincluded in Mashable's 6 Instagrammers You Should be Following and mentioned on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The bosses here also wanted me to tip you off that this is the first of many exciting announcements coming in regard to great things in the future of the Buzz Adams Morning Show. (Oh, you only wish you knew.)

I'm just happy I’ll finally have someone who can tweet my Instagrams and get me more unique visitors on my Explorer 8 Tinder.

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