Congratulations to our EP-CON ticket giveaway winners!

We pulled tons of winners for our EPCON contests. They’ve all been notified, but if you want to win great prizes all the time, too, check out what you need to do below.


Vanessa W., Carissa M., and Alberto M. are just a few of the people who won tickets through our Freeloaders section. Learn how to use our Freeloaders section here. We give away iPads, cash, tailgate parties, meet-and-greets with bands, tickets to all of our events, and LOTS of other stuff.  You can also play blackjack, slots, and scratch-offs, too. Trust me, it’s an excellent way to waste a little time at work. (We won’t tell) Check out our Freeloader section here.

Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play, so what are you waiting for?


Mattaniah Y., and Araceli A., both won tickets by signing up and reading our newsletter. If you’re not receiving our newsletter, you’re really missing out.  We’ll email you once a week with special contests and stories. It’s usually tickets to upcoming events, meet-and-greet opportunities with bands and the best part - Scott’s Special Reserve Chi-Chis. They’re the best chi-chis sent to us and you get to see them WAY before anyone else. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our newsletter today!

Take a peak at these happy EP-CON winners below then ask yourself, “Why aren’t I a Freeloader or a newsletter person yet?”