Here's a story destined to become even bigger than "T'was The Night Before Christmas". Ok, maybe not "destined".   Let's go with "could become" ...

After that; I'm sensing a lot of questions out there sooo:

  • The band call themselves the Redneck Zombie Killers.
  • The song is from Dr. Lyons Hi - Fi Holiday 2014.
  • No, I don't know who the hotties are.
  • Band members are Ban Jovi, Hillbilly Idol, Vern Halen and Jed Nugent
  • I've no idea if any of those guys are ... or ever were ... genuine rock stars.  (Though I could see them being the younger, slower brothers of the Primus guys.)

Would you like to know more about them? Click here.

Interested in bad zombie jokes? Click here.

Wanna know more about me?  Click here. Or, you can click here.  I guess here to, wtf.

Have an undead Christmas and a Zombie New Year ya'll!!

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