The pure joy on Fallon's face during Slayer's performance on his show is infectious.

There isn't a lot of metal, or even hard rock music that makes it on to the late night talks shows, but Jimmy Fallon likes to bring them. He's had Mastodon, Judas Priest, Metallica and more if he got his way. Plus I don't think any of us can forget that awesome rendition of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" that they did on kid instruments. That was epic.

Well, Slayer made Fallon look as giddy as a kid by them performing on his late show with a performance of their classic "Raining Blood." It looked like the late night host was about to open up the pit by himself while he watched the performance. After he looked like Wayne and Garth bowing down letting Slayer know that he isn't worthy. Hopefully the audience had as much fun as Fallon did with that amazing performance. Check it out above.