Poor Jenna Jameson, times are not on her side lately.

If you recall, Jameson was arrested on April 6th for allegedly beating 'someone' who turned out to be her now-former Assistant, Britney Markham. (You can read about it here in my previous blog.)

Markham then filed a restraining order against the former porn star, saying that Jameson was screaming at her and once they were in the car she 'beat' her with a brass knuckle Iphone 'plastic' case. (a-ha ... ok)

The Battery charges were dropped due to lack of evidence, but unfortunately, Jameson's husband Tito Ortiz didn't think their 4-year old twin boys were in good maternal hands. It was said that Jenna Jameson's behavior is out of control and that she is addicted to pills.

He immediately took Jameson to court where she lost for either full or joint custody. Twin boys Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette are now living with father, Ortiz. After this, Jameson went to their mansion, packed her things and left.

Not sure if anyone can bounce back from losing their kids, but hopefully she can. She's a little old to be Lindsay Lohaning-around anyways. (Get it?!)