Japanese game shows are probably the best and weirdest things on the internet. Every now and then a clip from one of these outrageous game shows makes it onto everyone's timeline and freaks some people out. This one is probably the worst.

I came across this video last night and it disturbed me. Then I became mesmerized. Yes, it's pretty gross yet you can't help but want to know who wins.

The goal of this game is to not let the other girl blow a cockroach into the other girl's mouth. Not sure if the cockroach is alive or dead, but either way it's pretty disgusting.

I think the best reaction has to come from the referee. I don't understand why you need a ref for a cockroach blowing contest, but the found the best guy possible for the job. Hopefully, we won't be getting any of these types of game shows in the United States, but we did have Fear Factor. Never forget we are just as gross,'Murica.

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