During summer last year ERCOT was practically begging Texas residents to conserve power any way they could possibly think of to keep energy consumption at a manageable level to prevent electrical loss from gripping the entire state. ERCOT is the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, and even though we have not technically hit the first day of summer yet, Texas has once again likely gained another half of a million plus new residents and therefore consumers of electricity than we had last year.

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ERCOT said,

"Texas faces an estimated 12 percent chance of controlled outages in August."
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ERCOT Now Warning Texas Be Prepared For Rolling Blackouts

Now, 12% is nowhere near 50% or 90%, but it still means about a 1/8 chance currently with a multitude of variations still able to come into play like locking into a severe stretch of 100 degree days like we painfully endured the past two summers. Also, do not forget all of summer takes place during hurricane season which began on June 1st, and carries on through November.

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When you add severe heat, natural disasters like the recent tornadoes, and the potential for hurricanes to an already taxed power grid, it is best to continue to be prepared for anything in summer 2024.

Here's fingers crossed we do not run out of electricity, but with our sources becoming more unreliable because of leaning so heavily on renewable energy, there is a very real chance the power tank could be riding empty from time to time.

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