Texas is known as the beef state because everywhere you look there are numerous breeds of cattle grazing in pastures along road sides, and being loaded up onto semis or train cars en route to be processed into our favorite protein. My personal slab of choice is a ribeye, and if it is on the menu there's a 60% chance I order it every time.

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We all know the price of beef has really taken off in the past few years to the point that many people have given up on considering it for at home dining, let alone attending a restaurant where the entire menu is known for featuring steaks. My personal take when it comes to to a steakhouse is they better make it better than I do at home, and being familiar with the wholesale price for beef, they better not try to mark it up beyond what I consider reasonable.

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Texas Restaurant Now Named On 'Best Steakhouse' In America List

Cruising the menu at Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, you will immediately notice the selection, and discover the burgers have almost the same reputation of their steaks. You can read this 24/7 Tempo article to learn how they determined the best steakhouse in Texas and for the entire country.

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No matter your diet choices, enjoying a meal in a rehabbed, rustic barn sounds like an experience everyone would enjoy. Where do you think the best Texas steakhouse is?

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Remember These? Here Are 10 Great Restaurants We Miss in Temple, Texas

Just the other day I was driving past Clem Mikeska's in Temple for lunch and a memory popped in my head about Wes's Burger Shack More, and the former business that used to have delicious pizza.

I remember going there for lunch just a few years ago and taking my entire hour to take advantage of that pizza buffet! The different variety of pizza stuck out to me. I even remember the game area!

A few weeks ago, we asked listeners on Facebook about restaurants they missed that aren't around anymore in Temple, Texas.

Boy did we receive a great response!

So now it's time to reminisce about old breakfast spots, taco joints, Chinese and Mexican restaurants, and lunchtime favorites we used to frequent in Temple.

Based on your responses here are 10 Great Restaurants We Miss in Temple, Texas.

(Notes from editor Aaron Savage, who grew up in the Temple area and frequented most of these places.)

Gallery Credit: Trey the Choklit Jok, Townsquare Media

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