Here are 10 metal songs even an amateur can crush at karaoke, chosen by Red Handed Denial singer Lauren Babic.

Not only does Babic discharge frightening roars and serene cleans to complement Red Handed Denial's hybrid style of metal, she's a popular YouTuber known for belting out incredible covers of rock and metal songs. She also does vocal analysis and offers tips on singing and screaming through informative videos.

And, let's be honest, is there anything better than karaoke when it comes to vocal covers?! That's why we tabbed Babic to help amateurs gain confidence to step up to the mic next time they're at karaoke.

But first...

What to Know About Red Handed Denial

From: Toronto, Canada

First Album: Stories of Old (2013)

New Album: A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia

Red Handed Denial are an eclectic four-piece with a pool of influences that are the ingredients for a unique cocktail of modern metal. With hybridization of styles in and outside of heavy music, metal has evolved to a point where pop and hip-hop elements are starting to feel natural.

Regarding the aim of their new LP, A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia, Babic says, “This album is a testament to my discontent with how reliant we became on technology during the pandemic. We’re reaping the consequences. Mental health has severely suffered. When the world opened, a lot of us struggled and felt different. I feel different too. We get a false sense of security from platforms like TikTok and Instagram. We’re stuck in a cycle of little dopamine releases from every swipe, but we’re not content. When I get away from these apps, I find clarity.”

Red Handed Denial, "One More Night" Music Video

A Journey Through Virtual Dystopia comes out on May 24 on Paid Vacation Records. Purchase the album and see Red Handed Denial's upcoming tour dates at the band's website.

Follow Red Handed Denial on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook. Follow Lauren Babic's YouTube channel here.

10 Metal Songs Even an Amateur Can Crush at Karaoke, Chosen by Red Handed Denial's Lauren Babic

Canadian metal band Red Handed Denial in 2024
Jaqueline Silva

There is no better way to absolutely melt some faces at karaoke than to slay a metal banger. Here are 10 metal songs (in no particular order) I think anyone could crush at karaoke, no matter the vocal skill level!

Linkin Park, "In the End"

A guaranteed crowd pleaser will have everyone singing along. It helps that you
probably already know the words, so you most likely won’t mess up the rapping
sections. You also don’t need to worry about anything too vocally demanding in
the choruses.

Killswitch Engage, "My Curse"

Although it seems daunting to try to sing any Howard Jones vocals (easily one of
the best vocalists to do it), you can choose to deliver the radio edit version and
sing the screamed sections. The singing is also quite comfortable for most vocal

Metallica, "Enter Sandman"

Even though this song is over 5 minutes long…don’t worry. You won’t need to
stand there awkwardly during the instrumental parts. Everyone and their mother
knows this song and the old dudes at the bar will surely be strumming their air
guitars as you playfully do your best James Hetfield impression. Everyone will
love it, I promise.

Limp Bizkit, "Break Stuff"

Grab your snapback, turn it backwards. You can yell your way through this
classic and get everyone raging with you.

System of a Down, "Aerials"

Not picking Chop Suey! is a little weird, but we aren’t here to fumble our way
through the verses (admit it, after a few drinks, you might just do that). Aerials is
a great pick for those of you who want to get dramatic and theatrical but still stay
on pitch. You don’t need a crazy vocal range for this one, but there is lots of room
for you to get creative.

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Architects, "Animals"

A more modern metal pick, this track might not be as well known to the classic
metalheads, however, it still slaps in its own right. There is no denying the
heaviness of this track will turn heads, especially after hearing drunk people
botch songs like Don’t Stop Believing or Livin On A Prayer. Sam Carter flexes his
singing in this track, but you can tap into your falsetto and keep up just fine.

Drowning Pool, "Bodies"

This one is really self explanatory. Plus there will be at least one person yelling
how they can only count to four.

Northlane, "Bloodline"

If this song is on any karaoke bar’s song list, please let me know so I can
personally tip my hat. You can totally nail the sultry low vocals of Marcus Bridge.
If you don’t want to attempt the screaming portions, melodic yells will work just

Nine Inch Nails, "The Hand That Feeds"

Let’s get everyone dancing! Trent Reznor is obviously legendary, but you can
absolutely crush these vocals without needing to stay on pitch. Tap into that
aggression and emotion, and you’ll be great.

Ghost, "Square Hammer"

This list wouldn’t be complete without Square Hammer. A nice blend of chest
voice and falsetto, you can flip to whichever register is comfy for you and you’ll
still do well with this song.

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