On Friday's Loudwire Nights (May 17), Jesse James Dupree joined Chuck Armstrong to not only celebrate the release of his new music video for "Stranded," but to take listeners behind-the-scenes on the making of it.

"Much like the album, the video just happened," Dupree told Chuck about the latest single from his solo album, Breathing Fire. The video was filmed in the Black Hills of South Dakota, near the Full Throttle Saloon and Sturgis.

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"It's just an amazing experience for anyone to go to that part of the United States," Dupree said.

"I mean, the Black Hills of South Dakota are a magical place and they're also a humble place when you think about all the BS that's going on in this country with our government and with the economy and with all the things that we're dealing with. When you go out there and you look at that area of the country...if you can't stand there and be humble and proud of this country in spite of these jerks that are running things into the ground and trying to divide us — there's a common bond in celebrating that freedom that you experience out there."

From getting up in freezing cold weather before the sun rose to being surprised by a herd of buffalo when filming, "Stranded" came together in ways Dupree and his Director of Photography Tristan Barnard couldn't have predicted.

"If you had told somebody, 'I want to shoot a video, go make sure we've got 100 buffalo that come,' you couldn't have done it," Dupree said. "I couldn't afford it."

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They were also surprised by one of the locations they filmed because it just so happened to be the exact spot where a Western folk hero was shot and killed.

"I'm standing on the ground that Wild Bill Hickock got shot," Dupree recalled, with an obvious awe in his voice. "The whole video just happened...just like the record, in the spirit of the album. I'm very proud of it."

Watch Jesse James Dupree's Official Music Video For "Stranded"

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