Apparently bears find metal music kind of chill when relaxing high up in trees. We know this because a park ranger tried blasting a legendary metal song in a failed attempt to get a bear to climb out of a tree.

Bear Wasn't Leaving Tree

Rangers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife were called in after a black bear was reported to be getting into trash near the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. When the rangers arrived, the bear had already found some food before heading up into a nearby tree.

"Our plan was to haze (or scare) the bear when it came down, so hopefully it would be uncomfortable around humans and not return to look for more trash," Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared on X (formerly Twitter).

For an exhausting five hours, rangers waited for the bear to come down from the tree. Their plan to scare the bear was put into action, but the creature wasn't having it. The bear soon found another tree sending rangers right back to where they started.

The Golden Police Department was called in to use a drone as a way to startle the bear out of the tree. That didn't work either.

Turn On The Metal Music

Rangers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife were running out of ways to safely remove the bear from its perch high up in a tree. That's when they turned to metal music.

"While slightly annoyed by the drone, we decide to use music blasted at the bear," the rangers shared on X along with a video of the incident.

In the video, we see the bear chilling in the tree. Moments later, Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" is blasted throughout the residential area.

Unfortunately, the bear just stared at the world as Ozzy's voice rang out through the neighborhood. The rangers instead decided to wait until after dark for the bear to come back down once nearly all humans were indoors.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife had some fun with the incident on social media, but also used it as an opportunity to teach residents about the dangers of bears.

The rangers' takeaway lessons for locals in the area:

  • "Keep Your trash inside until the morning of trash day"
  • "Bears are cute but still very much wild animals"
  • "Black bears don't mind Black Sabbath."

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