Sometimes, an album's excellence is totally ruined by bad production.

Bad production can come in many different forms, and it does musicians no favors. When you see a band live for the first time, watch them put on an amazing performance, and then go back home and listen to them only to find it sounds nothing like what you've seen, it sucks.

Bad production can totally flatten the impact of what an artist is doing, taking away any kind of bite or impact from what you're listening to. That's not to say, we don't love raw production. Hearing a band that's clearly recording with no money always has a charm to it. Even "bad" production, like in a lot of early black metal recordings add a level of rawness you're not going to ever hear on a modern record.

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In fact, in an attempt to sound as clean as possible, many records wind up sounding sterile, lacking any punch or edge. With all that in mind, here are ten picks for records whose greatness is undone by bad production.

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