A Texas man went on a killing spree, murdering his parents then taking off and shooting 4 more people around Austin.

According to police reports, 35-year-old Shane James, Jr. murdered his parents in their San Antonio home, then went on a killing spree in Austin.


  • 10:00 pm- 8:00 am: Police believe this is the beginning of James' killing spree and when he murdered his parents in their San Antonio home.
  • 10:38 am: Surveillance video shows James parking at the NE Early College High School parking lot.
  • 10:40 am: James walks towards the school and opens fire on an AISD officer, shooting the victim in his leg.
  • 12:16 pm: Emmanuel Pop Ba is killed by James.
  • 12:40 pm: New mother, Sabrina Rahman is killed by James.
  • 5:47 pm: James allegedly hid in the woods and shot at a cyclist riding nearby.
  • 6:49 pm: James forced his way into a home and shot and killed 2 victims who were inside, Kathrine Short and Lauren Short.
  • 6:55 pm: An officer responding to the scene entered the backyard gate and was shot by James.
  • 7:00 pm: James evades police by stealing an Acura.

Ultimately James surrendered after he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving. In total, Shane James Jr. killed 6 people. Among those who were killed were:

  • Emmanuel Pop Ba 32
  • Katherine Short 56
  • Lauren Short 30
  • Sabrina Rahman 24
  • Phyllis James 55
  • Shane James Sr. 56

A trial for the heinous crimes committed by Shane James Jr. has now begun.  The attorney for Shane James Jr. said he would like to negotiate a plea deal, but no offers have been made yet. "He said he last spoke to James about two weeks ago and said he's been focusing on his faith."

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