Yelp released their list of Top 100 Barbecue Spots 2024 and you might be surprised which Texas joint was ranked highest. 

When it comes to barbecue joints, the list of spots I need to try is quite long. And it keeps getting longer every day. 

We take our grub seriously here in the Lone Star State. None more seriously than barbecue.

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It’s one of those foods that immediately come to mind when people think about Texas cuisine and rightfully so. I’ll put our pitmasters up against the best in the country. Seriously, smoking meat is an art form around these parts and the folks here have got it down. 

And when it comes to Texas barbecue, brisket is king. Mainly because it is a delicious cut of meat. But also because it's hard to get it just right. It takes a lot of trial and error to get the perfect smoke ring on a brisket. 

Personally, I’m partial to the barbecue at Kreutz Market in Lockhart. I’ve eaten at a ton of great barbecue joints and have yet to find one I like better than Kreutz. 

But as I mentioned earlier, the list of places I still need to try is long. 

Any time I come across a list of the best barbecue spots in the Lone Star State, I expect Franklin Barbecue in Austin to be at the top of the list. People line up early and wait for hours hoping to get a taste of Aaron Franklin's world-famous grub. 

However, according to Yelp’s latest rankings, I would be wrong. 

If you're looking to try Yelp’s top barbecue spot in Texas in 2024, you’ll want to make the trip to Spring to get a belly full of brisket at CorkScrew, the home of what many people say is the best brisket in Texas.

That’s a bold statement. And one I can’t wait to put to the test.

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