A woman has gone viral after claiming Texas is the “most conceited state” on TikTok. 

It’s an interesting take because while I agree that we Texans are very proud of where we come from, I never really equated pride with conceit. But I can see how others may see it that way – especially if they’re not from the Lone Star State.

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That said, her talking points aren’t totally wrong. 

For instance, she claims we are taught to be proud of Texas in our schools. I can 100% confirm that it was my experience. However, I was taught to be proud of where I come from long before I set foot in kindergarten. 

She’s also right about how you see the Texas flag and the outline of the state everywhere. But c’mon - it’s a cool flag and the shape of the state is instantly recognizable. 

One thing she gets wrong is her claim that we’re only taught Texas History in school. In her defense, she only lived here for about three months as a kid, so she wasn’t here long enough to take U.S. History. 

The good news is that most of the folks commenting on the video are like me and aren’t hating on her. I actually found the video to be a funny take. And not to mention, kind of true. 

God bless Texas, y’all!

@mikettaandy im honestly surprised texas doesnt have their own pledge of allegiance #mikettasthoughts #beyoncé @Meccavellii ♬ original sound - miketta

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