A guy dressed as Spider-Man doused himself with Cocoa Puffs and milk before giving a motivational speech at a Target in North Texas. I can’t believe I just typed that. 

It’s amazing what people will do to try to go viral. In most cases, I just roll my eyes and move on. But every now and then, I’m impressed by the attention seeker’s antics. This is one of those times. 

I can honestly say that putting on a Spider-Man costume and covering myself with breakfast cereal ingredients to motivate people has never crossed my mind. That’s some serious creativity right there.

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But our guy didn’t stop there. He took the show on the road (literally) and continued his motivational rant on the freeway, with Downtown Dallas in the background. And he even took the time to bust out a few pushups along the way. 

If ol’ Spidey doesn’t get run over or arrested for criminal mischief/trespassing, I’ll be willing to be a dollar to a donut that we’ll be hearing from him again in the near future.

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