Meet the Texas Truck Enthusiast Whose Rims Are Bigger Than Your Average Adult.

If there is anything on this earth that is more cool than a jacked-up pickup truck, it's a jacked-up pickup truck where the wheels poke out of the side.

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It's so cool that not only can the driver not see if small animals or children are standing in front of the truck and the headlights will blind anyone driving in front of them at night, but also, with the wheels sticking out like that, they will be throwing rocks and dirt at your windshield.



Make a Run For the Border

The truck in the video at the bottom of this article might be the coolest one we've ever seen. The wheels are so big, you can fit an entire adult man in there. Hey, throw on some hubcaps and you could smuggle someone across the border in those bad boys!  



Lady Killer

Dang, how are the rest of us supposed to meet any women with this guy around? It's not fair. Ladies know he has a lot of money because he will have to fill this thing back up with gas every fifty miles.

Take it Slow

Man, you have to really trust a guy to get in those wheels. What if he accidentally floors it? Those guys are going to come spinning out of there like Sonic the Hedgehog.



Check out the video below:

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