They were serving up more than Blizzards at one Texas Dairy Queen location in Clifton, Texas, outside of Waco.  According to the Clifton Police Department, this has been an ongoing investigation since back in June of 2023 and was code-named "Operation Blizzard."

According to a press release from the Clifton Police Department, PD Officers received information that several individuals were selling Methamphetamines in Clifton. Clifton PD opened an investigation and started looking into these individuals. During the investigation, it was discovered that several individuals were selling methamphetamines at their place of employment in Clifton. They later found out that this place of employment was the local Dairy Queen restaurant, therefore this investigation was dubbed “Operation Blizzard”. Those individuals are no longer employed there as of this report.

A sting was set up by law enforcement and they were able to buy meth numerous times. After the investigation, they were able to arrest a total of ten people including employees of the Dairy Queen in Clifton. Read the full press release below...


Texas Woman Accurately Explains TX Speed Limits in Viral Video

Many of us have at least thought one of these things to ourselves while driving in Texas.   I mean for many Texans, the speed limit is a mere suggestion. I mean, how many times have you been going 80 on the Freeway in Houston and someone passes you like you are standing still? The toll roads with a speed limit of 85? I feel if you are not going 100 MPH, you are not driving fast enough. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW.

However, it's the final comment about not speeding through small towns that really hit home. I mean, my dad used to tell me, 'you NEVER speed through Kendelton." Anyone else? I also do not dare speed through Cuero and Refugio, I have gotten multiple speeding tickets in those towns.


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