Texas and Florida, known for their conservative politics, low taxes, and diverse immigrant populations, now share a new concern. The alarming 'Jugging' trend that has recently emerged in Florida could potentially make its way to Texas, posing a significant threat to the safety of its residents and the security of its financial institutions. 


'Jugging' is a criminal practice where a perpetrator lurks near a bank or ATM, observing customers who appear to be carrying cash. Once a potential target is identified, the criminal follows them discreetly. When the unsuspecting victim stops and leaves their vehicle, the criminal strikes, burglarizing it and making off with the cash.

According to TCPalm.com, there are now South American criminal gangs presenting a twist by slicing a tire on a vehicle, following it, and then stealing the money after it stops.

Martin County Sheriff's Chief Deputy John Budensiek said. "That's a difference between the South American guys and those we've been dealing with."

There was an incident in which a woman stopped to withdraw $1,000 at a bank. As she traveled away, she noticed a tire was losing pressure and went to a convenience to get air. 


While getting air, her horn beeped—indicating the keyfob had left the vehicle—and she saw a man running away and getting in a sedan. She realized the man had taken her purse with $62, the $1,000 she withdrew, her iPhone, and other items.

Safety Tips

Conduct transactions in the bank and count your money at the counter, as opposed to in the parking lot and putting it in your pocket or somewhere safe.

"Juggers" tend to look for someone putting money in the center console, glove box, or above the visor.

If your tires start losing pressure or someone bumps your car, lock the windows and doors and dial 911. If somebody's trying to burglarize you, they will be dissuaded by you staying in your vehicle with the doors locked.

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