Last month this video started to trend on social media and it makes me laugh allow me to begin by saying that this happens in San Antonio, that's the only information you need to know :). pokerdoggone posted the video below to TikTok and it makes me laugh. The funny part to me is that he repeatedly says Frank's name. What can Frank do, in that this is a UFO? It was the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, probably the most iconic thing about San Antonio. In their defense, the fog does make it look eerie.

@pokerdoggone #ufo #aliens #ufos #sanantonio #toweroftheamericas #scared ♬ The X Files Theme - John Beal

Since we are on the topic of San Antonio, have you ever thought about what the Riverwalk looks like with no water? Well thanks to social media, we now know! Every January maintenance is scheduled! This year, the river was drained from January 12-21, 2024. The question then becomes, what do you find in the river? Check out some funky Riverwalk finds below.




@treywilsonattorneytx Time for and maintenance. Crazy what they find down there. Soneone has a rough ride on a #birdscooter #mud #tourism #emptyriver #texas #cleaning #maintenance #walk #stroll #river #sanantonio #riverwalk ♬ Hooligang - Joey Valence & Brae

According to the website, Public Works and Center City Development & Operations work together to maintain the San Antonio River Walk. Through maintenance, they can improve water quality and ensure the structural integrity of the main river channel, river loop, and extension areas. Check out the map of river closures.



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