Do you ever go to a concert and can't believe how pathetic the pit is? Well, the internet is buzzing about this video. 

The Vans Warped Tour is the largest and longest touring music festival in the United States. It began as a showcase for alternative and punk bands, but now hosts an extremely diverse music lineup. They also have comedians, Youtubers, spoken word performances and more. My first year attending Warped Tour I remember seeing some punk legends like NOFX, MXPX, Anti-Flag, Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls and more. The mosh pits were fantastic to watch. The Wall of Death, moshpits and even yes the hardcore dancing were something I loved to watch because of everyone's enthusiasm and fierce energy. It was something to be respected and admired.

Well, this video shows what those moshpits have now turned into.

I have to agree with the girl that's videotaping this video. I too can't take this seriously. Second, it sounds like they are all saying, "We're all making apple pie." I bet their apple pie making skills will still be a hundred times better than their moshing skills. A few years ago, it was announced that moshing, crowd surfing, walls of death and other perfectly healthy activities were discouraged. Bands were also told that they were not allowed to encourage  any of these activities. Apparently, this is what happens when you discourage perfectly natural ways of enjoying music. You end up looking like a douche in a "swag" shirt.

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