Don't get me wrong now, Kate Upton is an uber-hottie!!  But .......

Her commercial really isn't that great.  It's getting all kinds of press and attention but most of it's actually been negative. Check it out!

Now, I have a slight Upton fixation myself, but that really isn't all that sexy.  Remember the Bad Teacher car wash scene??

Now THAT was a sexy car wash!!  Or how about the one that started it all ....... the Cool Hand Luke car wash!!

You can even combine sexy and funny in a good 'hot' car wash commercial!

Wanna get away?  I didn't think so .... great Snickers commercial though huh??  Now, if you really want to get a car wash revved up, bring in a Playmate!! (Careful, that links NSFW)

Ok, ok ... you probably have work to do or a boss/wife/girlfriend/teacher about to walk in so I'll stop.

Sorry Kate, you've been breasted ... errrr, bested!

One more but, be careful!  The ending in this one will really getcha'.