Last year MANY co-workers here at the KLAQ studios took time to scare me and I am now finally firing back. I posted a blog last year about the pranks done to me here at work and decided I would start off with Johnnie "the tree" Walker. I had told you how I am frightened of our so called haunted building that I refuse to use the bathroom. One night I finally got the courage and went to use the bathroom and when I was leaving Johnnie decided to pop out of the hallway and say BOO! Then me being the wuss I am I freaked out and put Johnnie "the tree" Walker on my Prank Hit List. Luckily Glenn decided to help me out on this prank and pretend he was Yta on the other end of the mic. It was very helpful that Glenn Garza brought out the Glenn-Da in his voice to pull this off. When you watch these videos below, do note that Johnnie "the tree" Walker was live on air downtown for Fat Tuesday. Thankfully the sound and noise was on my side so it took Johnnie Walker a while to catch on to this prank. Be sure to check out this prank below and feel free to leave any comments below!


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