So, while creeping on Facebook today, I saw some really cool stuff about rules to live by. One of them is just something posted, another was put up at the Men's Health website. Oddly, those are the "unwritten" rules to live by. But I found them written on their page. I'm still trying to decide if that's a deep, Zen-like philosophical statement, or just a headline the author didn't really think too hard on.

Huh huh, I said hard on.

Here are a few of the "unwritten" rules, that I learned, and really like.

10. Do not get a visible tattoo larger than your penis.

15. Easy on the mayo! (This one is for Ray Monroe, who put freaking mayo on his pastrami sandwich at lunch! Disgusting.)

22. As you go through life, you will discover that more and more of the subjects you studied in college are useless, with the exception of abnormal psychology.

25. When running in the park on a hot day, do not take off your shirt if you are a really hairy sonofabitch.

37. People who live in glass houses are idiots.

via Men's Health


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