One thing I truly HATE is being spooked when I am all by myself especially when at work in a big building. I was minding my own business in Q control working on stuff for when I go on air till a co-worker scared the hell out of me! He just stood there in that mask remaining quiet till I turned around and saw him, and when I did I freaked the hell out and jumped out of my chair. He is lucky he took it off quickly cause I would have thrown my purse, my powerade anything hard to hurt him. I am not a fan of being scared, and if you tried scaring me, I can tell you right now that you would not be a fan of me as well.  I did a re-enactment to show you all how he stood there quietly as I was working waiting for me to see him.  Please let me know if you all would re-act the same or not by taking the poll below!