Texas would be one of the best places to be during the zombie apocalypse right?  RIGHT??  Not exactly. Believe it or not, a recent study to determine which states would best survive a zombie apocalypse puts Texas right in the middle.  50/50 odds, not exactly comforting.

Several factors decided this highly scientific, totally accurate and absolutely bona fide study.  (You caught the sarcasm there right?)  Those factors about each state included lifestyle and general health of the inhabitants, the availability of weapons, average survival skills, military presence, etc.

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Knowing that, I'm still surprised Texas didn't do better.  I bet the heavy hipster presence in Austin brought our average down.

New Mexico however took the #5 spot!  Sure all that other stuff helped but, I say ... thanks to all the meth labs and the peeps I see when "Cops" films in Albuquerque ... NM has just already gotten used to living with zombies!

Numero uno went to Alaska.  A no brainer really since they're basically forced to develop at least average survival skills. Plus, they're all armed, there's a strong military presence and there's loads of game, fish and water.  While I still think Texas .. minus Austin .. is a top 5-er; the rest of the top spots went to Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho.  (Idaho??)

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So who's going to be zombie food first?  According to the study:

  • New Jersey, (Snooki and her crew, need I say more?)
  • Mississippi (Sorry Lauren, although now I see why you moved to Cruces.  You knew it all along, huh?)
  • D.C. (Our politicians can't even outsmart a zombie!? Oh wait, they ARE zombies!)
  • New York (It may be time to rethink all those oppressive gun laws guys!)
  • Georgia (Another shock. Good 'ol boys hate zombies, love hunting & can shoot at birth.  I'm pretty sure Daryl is from Ga.)

Those 5 states are the main course at the zombie buffet.  "Claimed" if you will so those folks may want to start heading west.  (Just don't go as far as California.  Zombie defense-wise, they suck too.)

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