Have you ever got ready for bed, turned off the lights and laid down to sleep but couldn't? You know, one of those nights where you can't fall asleep so you just lay there. You toss, you turn, you get frustrated .... then you start to imagine things.  

Are you really imagining it though? That shadow on the wall, is it a shadow?  Did the closet door just creak open a little wider?  I do that, quite often.  It's amazing how our minds can trick us, especially in the moments where we find ourselves most disoriented, misdirected and easily manipulated.

This short film by David F. Sandberg entered in the 'Who's There?" film challenge is super creepy. Surprising how a short film like this can so have us sitting in a corner, sucking our thumbs and seeing "things".  Sometimes funny movies snap me out of it.  Sometimes not.

Watching this one took a Mel Brooks marathon to get me over it.  See for yourself and, for maximum spook-age; watch it in a dark room.

Without the sound!