Thanks to Reddit, this video is taking over social media. Originally posted back in 2011, after a Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup loss, an unlucky fan takes one for the team.

Sports fans don't really need much of a reason to riot but when their team loses, it's the perfect time. This video captured upset Vancouver Canuck fans rioting in the streets and police trying to handle the situation.

Police seem to handle the situation the best way they can, by throwing flash grenades. One unlucky fans walks right into the path of a grenade and tries to protect his balls. If the hit didn't hurt the guy, the explosion will surely take him down.

Someone recorded this video off a television and decided to commentate on the riot action. His reaction to the video is pretty much how I would think everyone will react. Next time you get upset about your team losing, think before your right. You might end up with no balls.