Tween girls obsessed with pretty boys are pretty brutal when it comes to YouTube comments. The serious war between Belibers and 1D fans on social media is just getting out of hand. The hateful words are brought to life in this video, which is NSFW!

Dead Parrot has made my dreams come true by turning ridiculous YouTube comment wars into dramatic readings. I find anything turned into a dramatic reading, amazingly entertaining.

This reenactment takes on an intense comment war between YouTubers 'Sophie Danze' and 'Jilianlovesthebiebs', which was posted on a One Direction music video.These girls need to find peace and better music to fight over.

Check out these two elderly men deliver these words of hate from across a dinner table, in tuxedos and shot in black and white. Nothing adds to the drama like a few curse words and silent pauses. Hopefully, Dead Parrot will continue to make more of these hilarious video and will check those hater filled comment sections of Miley Cyrus videos soon!