From the pages of Reddit, here’s my selection of the best “Shower Thoughts”…

Shower Thoughts are those things that pop into your head when you are relaxed and can let your mind wander where ‘twill (these could also be called “Crapper Musings” or “Pot Thoughts”, I suppose).

Here are my favorites of the week…

Do deaf people with fingers missing have a speech impediment?

It’s interesting how the ads on Youtube never have trouble buffering.

I’ve done the math, and, women who sleep with men on the first date are less expensive than a hooker.

I might go my entire life without a tanned penis

One of the worst parts about being invisible would have to be that people would fart around you all the time.

If you work for the Girl Scouts, your salary is paid largely by free child labor

Guacamole is the Mexican hummus.


Do people of the UK walk on the other side of the hallway?