Frankenstein Day is observed every August 30th, the birth anniversary of writer Mary Shelley (1797-1851).

I’ve got some little known facts about Frankenstein. Then, I’ve got some EXTREMELY little known facts about Frankenstein (because I made them up).

First, here are the real facts:
Mary Shelley was still a teenager when she wrote “Frankenstein”
The monster isn’t named “Frankenstein”, the scientist is. The monster is referred to in the novel as “The Creature”.
In the novel, Frankenstein’s monster is also referred to as “thing”, “demon”, “wretch” and “being”.
It’s considered by some to be the first real Science Fiction novel.

OK, now how about some facts that I just made up?
He gets tired of being mistaken for Brad Garrett
He was the most inarticulate movie character until Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” came out.
If he’s every feeling tired he’ll pull out jumper cables and ask people if they can give him a jump.
He got divorced from The Bride of Frankenstein and now he refers to her as “Skankenstein”
He’s made of stitched together body parts like Cher.
He can’t count the number of times people have told him, “Frankenstein, huh? Funny you don’t LOOK Jewish”.

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